Sapphire- ( resides with the Ford family) F4 mini Cockapoo

Sapphire resides in her guardian home and is such a love She is a fourth generation Cockapoo from Iris (Lyric x Levi daughter) and Segal. 

Sapphire will be bred once more in 2023 for her third and final litter to Louie.

Sapphire is 

DNA panel clear

DM Carrier (only bred to clear male)

Patella normal

CAER normal


Louisa- (resides with the miller family)

F3 cockapoo

Louisa is from our Sorcha and Louie litter. She was a singleton baby and spoiled rotten. She is a gem.

Health testing:

Embark panel clear except carries DM (will only be bred to a clear male)

CAER (Dr Tolar 5/26/22 normal)




Mitzy is a first generation Cockapoo female unrealted to everything i have! I will be keeping several first generation males and females that will require guardians if interested. Mitzy can produce red and is a blue merle phantom. We are so excited to welcome her into our family and she has already produced an amazing litter

Embark panel clear (PRA 4 carrier) Only will be Bred to a clear male

patella normal

CAER (5/26/22 Dr Tolar) normal



Dixie and Keisha are litter sisters by Rootbeer and Ginger. They are second generation Cockapoos and are a mini size. They are up and coming mamas.

Both are DNA tested clear

CAER normal (5/26/22 Dr Tolar)

Patella normal




Jupiter (resides with the Garrett Family)

Jupiter is a second generation Cockapoo sired by Rootbeer and Anna.  An amazing girl and a wonderful mama. She will be bred to Khal for some amazing puppies. 

DNA panel clear

CAER normal

Patella normal



Chloe (resides with the Miller Family) is a second generation cockapoo and a Rootbeer daughter. She is a love bug and we are so impressed with all she has produced so far. 

DNA panel clear except PRA carrier (only will be bred to clear male)

CAER normal

Patella normal


Minnie- (resides with the Perkins family) is a fourth generation Cockapoo and will be a new mama for us at OZ. She is a great girl and on the small side. 

DNA panel clear except DM carrier (will be bred to a clear male)


CC- (In Guardian Home)
Lovely first generation Cockapoo from Regal Cockapoos in Iowa. 
We expect some lovely puppies from her in 2022. We are so excited. She was bred to Louie for Fall 2022 babies

Health testing:
Embark clear except PRA carrier (will be bred to a clear only)



Coco lives with her guardian family and loves the kids she lives with along with her big sister Ginger (another guardian dog that has been retired). Coco is just due to be bred once more before retirement so we plan to make Jax the daddy of her upcoming litters 

Coco is being bred June 2022 to Jax for her final litter

Coco is DNA clear'

CAER normal 

Patella normal


Jo Jo- (Second generation cockapoo)

Lives with her mother, Jasmine, in a guardian home. She is from Jasmine and Redford. Her grandmother is Miss Elsa. She is a gorgeous girl and we cannot wait until she is bred to Khal for 2022. Maxi sized cockapoo approx 35 lbs

Embark DNA completed

OFA hips Fair (was hit by a car when younger so we were surprised it was not worse)

OFA elbows Normal



Ollie- F3 cockapoo from Cersei x Rootbeer. She will be bred to Louie for July 2022.

Health testing:
Embark tested



Cinnamon- resides in guardian home
Cinnamon is a wonderful girl that loves her fmaily bunches. She is a third generation Cockapoo from Deaz Cockapoos and we will be breeding her to Khal for Christmas 2022 puppies

Health testing 
Embark DNA


Vivian- Buff merle American Cocker Spaniel

She is such a sweet girl. A real doll baby. She will be bred to Brody because she is such a small girl. We cannot wait to see what she produces

Health testing:
Embark DNA tested
CAER (5/26 Dr Tolar Normal)


Eliza- Brown and tan merle American Cocker Spaniel

She is an amazing girl. Loves her family so much and shiould be an asset to our program. Cannot wait to see what she has for us this fall

health testing:
Embark DNA tested
CAER (5/26/22 Dr Tolar normal)


Felicia- third generation cockapoo looking for a new home. Her guardian home couldnt keep her so she came back and had her third and final litter. She is available to a wonderful home. 



"THE QUEEN" she is a blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is our new cavapoo mama. 

Health Results:

Embark tested

Below are some of our  up and coming mamas! most are with guardians or are looking for guardians