Please see our "Guardians" page for those dogs needing Guardian Homes.


Price is listed on each individual puppy


Will have ground shipping available. 

Ground shipping is usually $400.00-$550.00 for a "Door to Door" service.

I will fly in with your puppy as well. Cost is $550-750 depending on how many I have going that way and if I need a hotel room or not.


OZ's Munchkins




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Second Generation Cockapoo female ready 6/22. Mini size so should be around 20-25 lbs. Lovely curly coat. Lovely Deep brown and white parti. Would make an excellent breeding prospect to those interested. 

Priced at $2500 pet /$5000 breeding


These are cockapoo males ready 7/24 and 8/3. Lovely boys  priced at $2500

Should average 20 lbs


one red male petite doodle (approx 95% cockapoo). Lovely boy that should be on average 15-20 lbs. Priced at $2500


Upcoming Spring 2021


Sorcha and Rootbeer (third generation) being bred May born July ready August/September

1. breeder spot taken

2. Deposit Received 


The following wait lists are full until born





Planned but not yet bred

No deposits until breeding takes place

Keisha and Khal expect light colors including reds and apricots

OZ Cockapoos pick

Mitzy to Flame breeding June due August ready October merle reds

OZ Cockapoos male and female

Dar Dar to Archie

OZ Cockapoos pick

Starla to Ares

OZ Cockapoos pick

Tasha to Ares

OZ Cockapoos pick

Sissy to Khal breeding june born august ready october

OZ Cockapoos pick

Chloe to Segal breeding June Born August ready October

OZ Cockapoos pick