Please see our "Guardians" page for those dogs needing Guardian Homes.


Price is listed on each individual puppy


Will have ground shipping available. 

Ground shipping is usually $575.00-$650.00 for a "Door to Door" service.

I will fly in with your puppy as well. Cost is $650-750 depending on how many I have going that way and if I need a hotel room or not.

puppy bootcamp offered call 765-821-0907 for additional information and cost

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We have two females from Cookie and Khal. They are F2 with wavy and curly non shedding coats and allergy friendly. These are MAXI sized cockapoos. Will average 30-40 lbs. Gentle. Great for therapy work.


We have puppies from Dixie and Khal. They are F3 Cockapoos and should average 25-28 lbs. All will have wavy and curly non shedding coats, allergy friendly and are exceptional in temperament. They are ready to leave around 1/17/22. We have smaller mini 15-20 lbs cockapoos listed below in the links



Apricot female from Cookie and Khal Should average 30-40 lbs Gentle and sweet $2500


Red female from Cookie and Khal. Should average 30-40 lbs. Gorgeous girl. Sweet. Playful


Red and white Parti female. Should average 20-25lbs Wavy coated, Sweet and gentle $2500

Pink Collar Female Dixie and Khal should average 22-24 lbs

White Collar female Dixie and Khal should average 22-24 lbs (small umbilical hernia) $1800


Black Collar Male wavy coated Should average 22-24 lbs (small umbilical hernia) $1800

Red Collar Male wavy coated Dixie X Khal should average 22-24 lbs


Blue Collar male
wavy coated Dixie X Khal should average 22-24 lbs


Green collar male wavy coated Dixie X Khal Should average 22-24 lbs

I have included individual pages to our litters ready in January 2022

Please click on each link for pictures and more information

Tasha X Archie Litter (should average 15-20 lbs)

Other Cockapoo puppies (average 13-20 lbs)

We do have upcoming litters for Spring 2022

Sorcha, Felicia and Mitzy have all birthed Cockapoo puppies Mini and larger mini size. Will update once pups are a bit older. Both males and females. All colors

Bernedoodle mini and micro mini size coming in March 2022