We don't have them often but when we do they will listed here. 

We are offering the following adults as pets or breeding dogs. Please inquire

Adults For Sale

Felicia is a third generation Cockapoo from Rootbeer and Gigi born in 2019.
She has had two litters of eight puppies each and is an exceptional mother. Felicia carries PRA so needs to be bred to a clear male. She is full furnished and carries brown as well as phantom. She can be placed as a pet for $2500 or bred to Louie (our fourth generation male Cockapoo) for $5000. Sensitive girl. Great for grooming and good with other dogs and kiddos.  

Sorcha is a second generation cockapoo from Fluff and Segal born in 2018. She has had two litters of one and six puppies. Sorcha carries DM(like Segal) so would need to be bred to a clear male. She carries blonde, is a chocolate sable, carries phantom, spotted and has one copy of the unfurnished gene. She is in heat now and is being bred to Lincoln for F2b cockapoo puppies. Priced at $5000