Born 6/2 Ready 8/4

Sapphire is a fourth generation blue merle female Cockapoo. Louie is a fourth generation chocolate phantom male Cockapoo. This is the second litter from them and an amazing litter.  The video is of newborn pups and they will change over time. We will be keeping one or two ourselves and welcome guardian home inquiries.

Priced at $2500 pet home
$3000 plus a puppy back for breeding homes or $5000 outright

all puppies will be embark tested prior to going home


Bianca- Chocolate female 
DM carrier like grandpa Segal

Carries red spotted Fully Furnished and wavy coat
$4000 breeding home or $2500 pet home
Suzy- black white and tan female. Such a tiny girl. might mature to under 19 lbs
carries brown fully furnoshed and wavy coat
Breeder home $5000 pet home $2500
Perla- blue merle and white parti female Such a cute and tiny girl Probably under 20 lbs maturity
Carries brown fully furnished and wavy coat
Breeder home $5000 pet home $2500

Gus Gus- Apricot hidden merle. Health tested
Will produce phantom, merle, brown,parti, fully furnished and double curl. Does carry one copy of DM like grandpa Segal 
Available to a breeder for $4000 or a pet home for $2500