Star and Brody first generation Cockapoo puppies

Star is an AKC Cocker Spaniel that will be headed back to her breeder once this litter is weaned. We are so excited to bring one or two of these puppies into our breeding program. Star is 12" tall and approx 17 lbs

Brody is an AKC mini Poodle. He is such an amazing boy and I cannot wait to see how his puppies mature. He is 14" tall and 11 lbs

We suspect these pups to average 12-15 lbs. Because these are first generation they could be smaller or larger. We have had pups in a first generation litter be both 11 lbs and 26 lbs at maturity. 

Please check out our Designer babies below and inquire. We will need guardian homes also

Our Solid Black puppies are priced less just because a black puppy is harder to fine a home. 


Valentino- Apricot male Should average 15-17 lbs allergy friendly coat. $2000 **Pending** Will need a backup home
Louis Vuitton- Phantom male Should be approx 15 lbs we assume allergy friendly coat


Gucci- Buff female Should be approx 15-20 lbs  $2000
allergy friendly coat
Chanel-black female approx 15-16 lbs allergy friendly coat $1200
Laurent- phantom female should average 15-20 lbs $1500
Allergy friendly coat
Dior- Black female should average 15 lbs allergy friendly coat $1200
Versace- Black female allergy friendly coat should average 15-18 lbs Guardian home needed
This little girl is our teeny tiny from the litter. I will be surprised if she makes it to 15 lbs. Wavy allergy friendly coat. More Daddy Brody build chocolate phantom female $1800