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Jupiter is a second generation Cockapoo from Rootbeer and Anna. She is health tested and loves her guardian family especially her seven year old little girl that she sleeps with at night. I know she misses her while she is with us being a mama but what a good mama she is and we love what she produces. She is approx 24 lbs and 15" tall.
Her last litter with Khal produced some amazing puppies shown here and we expect these to be the same.

Khal is my boy and would love to be a mama. He loves puppies and people and basically anything that loves him. A lot of his puppies have his attitude which makes me want to keep them all. Khal is 16" and approx 22 lbs.

I suspect these puppies will be around 20-25 lbs and approx 15-16" tall. One i kept from the last litter is 14 1/2" tall and 21 lbs. 
All puppies are Embark tested. All have allergy friendly coats and either wavy or curly hair. Some will be offered to breeding homes so please inquire. 

Pet prices $2000
Breeding prices contact please


Ganymede- Red Tuxedo curly coat
Sinope- red and white parti curly coat


Dia- red and white parti curly coat
Europa- red and white parti curly coat
Himalia- red and white parti wavy coat
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