Welcome to our Doodle parent page. This is a work in progress. I am trying to get up any and all information I can in a timely manner. If i neglect anything please contact me and I will get you the information right over. We are going to start our petite Goldendoodle program in 2022/23.  Jax will be the sire to our petite Goldendoodles.

We will be trying Bernedoodles as well for a trial run until i determine if i like the temperament and health to continue the breed. We will have our first Bernedoodle litter in late 2022. Bernedoodles are priced at $3500 for tri, $5000 for merle. 

Bernedoodle are a mixture of Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. We produce F1b mini Bernedoodles being average 25-40 lbs.

Petite Goldendoodles are 25% Golden Retriever, 25% American Cocker Spaniel and 50% Poodle. This is an amazing breed what I have always loved. They will be priced at $2500


We also have a Cavapoo male in a guardian home to give these a try in a couple of years. Not sure what will happen yet since I only have the one. We might get a female and do second generation Cavapoos. We have plenty of time to decide and depending on temperament and health will determine if we give this breed a try. 

As you can tell a lot of the future depends on our guardian homes and how the dogs end up temperament and health wise. If interested in being a guardian home please click on the link below

We will still have a couple of petite doodle litters a year  wait list is long so ask early. The sire of these litters will be Jax (our cockapoo)



OZ Cockapoos and Doodles

Lucy is a petite Doodle that we obtained from Burr Oak Dood Ranch after the unfortunate passing of Dale (one of the owners). They went out of business and since Leslie trusted me with her lines I have continued her legacy.
Lucy come from Charlie (petite doodle) x Layla (petite doodle)
Petite Doodles already have Cockapoo in them so when bred to a cockapoo will be mainly cockapoo

Deaz Cherry Bomb At OZ

Cherry is a F1b mini Goldendoodle and will be the mother of our petite Goldendoodle.


She will reside with her guardian home in Illinois

Health testing in progress

Embark tested and complete clear


OZ's Polly Pocket

Polly is an F1b mini Bernedoodle. She is 28- 30 lbs. She is a blue merle and tan. She is amazing and already in her guardian home

Embark tested completed

PRA carrier (will only be bred to a clear male)

clear on everything else

carries red, phantom, parti and merle


OZ's Oklahoma Zareph


Zareph is a F1 Bernedoodle that already has a guardian home.

She is a gorgeous pup from two AKC registered parents.

Embark tested DM carrier clear for everything else

carries red, wolf sable, phantom, parti


OZ's Oklahoma Caedlia- F1b mini Bernedoodle. She is actually a micro mini as they call them being approx 20 lbs when mature. We are so excited about her future. She lives with her big sister Zareph and her guardian family